Saturday, July 01, 2006

Welcome to Cultural Flotsam!

Cultural Flotsam is a scrapbook, a junk drawer, a collection of miscellaneous stuff that's been floating around my head, desk, studio or hard drive, looking for shores to wash up on; hence, this site. Some of it is concerned with art, music, books, and popular culture. Most of it is just me blathering on about whatnot. Vive Internet!

My apologies to Miriam and Mel from Studio XX who taught me Dreamweaver and CSS last year. I tried. Really, I did. But in the end, my attempts to launch my very own site made from scratch were in vain. So although this may lack the true web-geek cred I was hoping to gain, it's a lot faster and très facile!

Hats off to friends who've inspired me recently through their presence on the web: Emily, Neil, Matthew, Paul, Julie and many others. Check them out in my links section.

À bientôt...

What the heck is flotsam?


emily* said...

Hey Jo-anne, I can't wait to paddle around in your flotsam! Bring it on! Don't apologise for not doing this 'by hand' - in the end, the blogging technology isn't just an easy and quick way to put stuff online, it is a brilliant ordering and indexing tool. Brings out the librarian in everyone!
Have fun.

Admiral said...

Hey their Wind Blown Gal.. She who is from the "Peg"

goto and type in heavy metal, or music video's.. their's a site with a wicked amount of serious metal vidoes..

Who am I.. An Admiral of a fleet that graduated a year behind your brother who's still in Winnie's home town.. and has homestead.. and all the trapping's.. including the terrible 2's