Sunday, August 20, 2006

Curios, collectibles and other crap

A few of my favourite things to collect are old 'home economics' type manuals, such as recipe books, etiquette and hygiene books and how-to encyclopedias from the 1940s - '70s.

Spot the ham: 20 points
From The General Foods Kitchen's Cookbook, 1959

Now that my student days are over, I've grown to hate potlucks. Next time I'm invited to one, this is what I'm bringing: Liver-sausage Pineapple. You've been warned.
From Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, 1953

Since knitting has made such a huge comeback (or is that over already? I can't keep up), I thought I'd show the world just how creative it can get. This is from a book called Royal Knits, by Nicolette McGuire. Don't ya just love that British wit?
Thanks to Tod and Joanne for this little gem.

I live for this stuff. I think it should be compulsory reading for every adolescent in the land, even if it's hilariously outdated by now. LEARN SOME MANNERS KIDS! Read on... (click on the images to enlarge)

Pay close attention to Chapter 22: NECKING. This will be on the test.

While we're on the subject, you girls out there may want to get your hands on these volumes. Their tables of contents list many informative topics such as: The Form Divine - The Ideal Breast, Racial Differences; Making the Most of Your Figure - The Psychological Approach, Dangers of Breast Massage, Mechanical Aids; The Art of the Corsetière - Subterfuges and 'Gay Deceivers', Special Support for Special Occasions.
Sorry - no sneak peek at the pictures inside. This is a family friendly blog.
Thanks to Shari. (How could she ever part with them?)
From 1948 and 1944 respectively.

I found this at Fanny's Fabrics in the basement of The Bay in downtown Winnipeg. They had a post-Christmas sale and this item looked quite forlorn in the discount bin. Deceiving as it is, it's actually a uh, candy cane ornament for the Christmas tree. It has a little slit at the top through which you can stuff some pot-pourri to make your fake pine tree smell like cinnamon and roses or something. Looks to me something else could be stuffed in there...

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