Monday, October 23, 2006


My local grocery store in Little Italy (say Little Italy three times fast) has uncharacteristically stocked its shelves with this very un-Italian item: fluff.

I don't remember this from when I was a kid in the early '70s (we were a Koogle household), but some of my friends do. They tell tales of looking on with a mix of horror and envy as their friends strutted their fluffer-nutter sandwiches: a layer of fluff over a layer of peanut butter between two slices of white bread, as illustrated on the back of every jar of fluff - undoubtedly as a way to introduce some sort of "nutritional" element to this otherwise sugary marshmallow muck. How any parent can willfully serve this to their child is beyond me but I suppose sometimes you just gotta relent. I imagine fluff to be the upper-white-trash equivalent of the sugar sandwich.

The attraction is obvious. I haven't even opened it (and I never will) but I was instantly seduced. It's a fine example of effective advertising design. Everything about it evokes happiness. The baby blue and white topped by that jaunty red cap. The jolly retro font (which is extra marshmallowy in its French translation: guimauve). It's just simple goodness and smiles all around, one lovin' spoonful after another. Scoop yourself a puffy little cloud, a pillow, a snowball, a cotton ball. It's all soft and cozy and harmless until your teeth rot out. Kids are probably buying this as a snack on its own (at $2.19 it's cheaper than a pop and bag of chips). And if they manage to get their sticky hands on one of those big bubble-tea straws they can just suck themselves into sugar oblivion (it's a gateway to crack!).

check out the official fluff website here


me and billy bob said...

I thought it was an "American thing", all my American friends in NYC, of which there are few, claim a fond remembrance of Fluff. I for one am glad my mom shielded me from it.

cultural flotsam said...

Nope - it also ran rampant in the Maritimes. A perfect school-lunch substitute for lobster sandwiches (which apparently was like baloney to them).

gregory said...

fluff! your picture looks a bit orange which makes me think of halloween fluff. which i have never heard of but which would of course be orange which is scarier than brite white fluff. fluff.

cultural flotsam said...

Hi Gregory - thanks for the comment.
I bet there would be a market for Hallowe'en Fluff. Sadly, it's just the result of my lousy camera work.