Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cultural Flotsam is 2 years old!

This is the best/most hideous cake I've ever seen. I hope it tasted as good/bad as it looks. I'm sure some eager pack of toddlers took no time to face plant that one.

So now that we've been around the block a couple times, here's what's in store for Cultural Flotsam this year:

"Laughing one minute, crying the next, often for no apparent reason. That's what you can expect from your emotionally fragile 2-year-old. These seemingly bizarre mood swings are simply the result of your toddler's struggle to take control of his actions, impulses and feelings.

Your toddler wants to learn how everything works. However, he still lacks many of the skills necessary to accomplish this task without inflicting harm on himself or others. As a result, the bulk of his exploration time is spent testing limits -- yours, his and the environment's.

Although it may not seem that way often, slowly but surely, your 2-year-old is learning self-control. But don't be surprised if he saves his worst outbursts for you. Your toddler doesn't trust other people the way he trusts you, so he waits until you arrive to push the envelope."


Cheers to all my regular readers and to all those who have posted comments. I love you all.


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Naomi said...

Happy Birthday Flotsam

Look how cute you are at 2, can't wait for more mood swings, outbursts, and laughter.

love N