Friday, June 06, 2008


The world is a darker place today. This week, as I was cycling to work, I noticed an ad on a passing transit bus for the new Mariah Carey album, the dubiously titled E=MC2. The absolute gall of this astounds me. My first thought, however, was: I wonder who would come up first on a Google search for E=mc2, Einstein or Mariah?


I can barely grasp the complex formulations of the theory of relativity any more than I can stomach the overblown warblings of Mariah, but I can tell you what I think the E stands for in her version of the equation (think poo).

When the execs at her record label brainstormed over what to name the new album, I can imagine the conversation may have gone something like this: "Now let's see... if the Energy contained in any object is equal to the Mass times the Speed of Light squared, then naturally, the Music contained in Mariah is equal to Obscene Profits times Millions squared. Bingo!"

The optimist in me hopes that maybe somewhere in the universe some 14 year-old girl will look at that album and not think: Gee I wish I was that skinny and filthy rich, and instead think: Gee, I remember seeing that E=mc2 in a textbook somewhere. I'm going to Wiki that. And bang, a budding physicist is born.
It's not impossible.

Brush up on the real E=mc2 here

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emily* said...

Good point, well made. Can a representative of the Einstein estate PLEASE stand up and make some kind of lawsuit/libel against Ms Carey? Isn't this libelous? As in the common use of the term - plain stupid? A misuse and misappropriation of of the theory of relativity? I am so often aghast at the things people make lawsuits over but in this case (I suppose with all) I think a point needs to be made [that will be gotten by more than the reads of this blog].