Friday, April 03, 2009

On penmanship

My grade 6 teacher sometimes kept me in at recess because I had terrible penmanship. She would make me practice my cursive writing until she was satisfied it measured up to all the other kids' and we could all write in perfect aesthetic harmony. However irritating that was at the time, something stuck with me, and that minor punishment in the name of legibility and propriety has probably contributed to my love of typography. (More on that some other time.)

But instead of forcing me to conform to a soul-less standard of straight-backed Ls and the perfect 35 degree slant, she should have read this book. Published in 1923, Handwriting and Character is a great example of how a person's individuality, psychology and even pathology can be analysed through a mere sample of their writing. Not so long ago, graphology was an essential practice and part of certain job interview processes. In absence of that, I've put my own scrawl (which varies from barely-legible slopfest to somewhat flourishy script) to the test and profiled it against the various samples found here. According to this book, I possess the following characteristics: Affection, Coarseness, Constructiveness, Cunning, Decision, Intelligence, Jealousy, Resourcefulness, with just a touch of Manic Depression with Excitement. Although my T cross-bars can be brutal and tyrannical, and show various degrees of anger, temper and irritation. I may one day steal an automobile in revenge.

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And this last one, just for creepy kicks: (not to worry - my "I"s are nothing like this. And I know how to spell "writing")

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