Friday, April 03, 2009

Sidewalk cafés

I can really be an irascible crank when it comes to the otherwise very enjoyable things in life. I was reminded of this recently, since spring is upon us (sort of) and the city's restaurants have begun to unfurl their sidewalk cafés. My neighborhood of Little Italy is particularly rich in restaurants, but seemingly every summer, getting poorer in pedestrian space. By the time the sandwich boards, planters, chairs, tables and parasols have been set up, some don't leave more than one person's width of space between curb and table, and this is on a very busy street, meaning that when encountering oncoming pedestrian traffic, I either have to lean on an icky-gross SUV, or I've got my butt in somebody's fazzoletti. Every summer I wonder how long before I completely lose it - 'Jesus in the money-changers temple' style - and find myself on the other side of normal. The gall. THE GALL!!!
Surely there's gotta be a law...

New York City has one

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