Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Decade!

The New Year is good a time for self-reflection, planning, purging (puking?), patting yourself on the back for jobs well done, or kicking yourself in the butt for not getting off the couch more often. Same old, same old.

But a new decade puts a bit of a time-warp on things, as we look back on the decade that was, and try to remember just what it was that we did with all that was. 1999 seems like just a short trot back in time (Y2K panic!) and like ancient history. How is that? It's true, Father Time seems to step just a little harder on the accelerator the older we get.

Well, while you contemplate the universe and your place within in, you can bone up on a little ancient history (well, 1910, anyway) on this site I randomly found. Chock-a-block with fun facts, tidbits and trivia you can bore your friends with all year long.


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