Saturday, March 27, 2010


I recently took up jogging. Well, that's actually sort of false, on two counts. 'Recently' is more like 10 years ago, when I tried it out for the first time and nearly died because I didn't know what I was doing. And 'jogging' is also a bit of an exaggeration at this point. It's more like wogging. At this early stage, I'm easing into it by altering walking and jogging, eventually phasing the walking part out.

My initial will to run regularly waned rather fast that first time, but the flame never totally went out. Since then, I have had what I like to call 'my annual jog', which usually occurred sometime during the first blush of spring. I did that just to remind myself that it was still a possibility. That maybe it would one day 'take'. I was encouraged by my friend Karen who told me it took her 11 years to finally get it. I think it's kind of like quitting smoking. It won't work unless you're really ready for it. Influenced and encouraged by a few close friends to make a more concerted effort, I did, and realized my time was now.

First stop: running store. Boutique Endurance on Saint Denis in Montreal is excellent. I didn't realize, though, that as a beginner, part of the deal of getting outfitted with the proper pair of shoes involves running several paces on a track inside the store. I just thought that track was a clever design element. Wrong-o. Well, mild humiliation aside, it proves that these guys know what they're doing, as just those few pounding steps demonstrate how your foot falls, whether your knees buckle in, and just what type of support you need to correct or balance those mechanics. So after a few tryouts, I settled on the beauties pictured above. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10, in Chambray / Midnight Fog / White. They are hideous. But they're the most dreamily comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Pillows, they are. But gawd almighty why do they all have to be such a dog's breakfast of mesh and shiny space-age flash?  But at least I got away with a decent blue and not some obnoxious pink or mint green. It would have been rather counter-effective to wear bags over them I think.

So while it may take me another few years to really 'take' to this, I'm bolstered by the fact that I'm equipped to do it in comfort, if not in style.


Donald Balcaen said...

Hey Jo,
Great blog. J'aime toujours ton sense d'humour. Nous aussi, on fait du "wogging" 2 fois par semaine au YMCA. They have an indoor track. Kids get to visit Nana while we go get fit.

Naomi said...

Please place me in the supported by a friend catagory - run girl run !

Would love to see a follow up post entitled:
"Runners High"


cultural flotsam said...

Ah yes - runner's high. I do believe I've actually experienced this, which is part of what kept me trying it again. Jogging: the new gateway drug!