Sunday, August 01, 2010

Rules / Signs: Manitoba Special

This second installment of Rules / Signs is 100% Manitoba stock, freshly picked from my annual summer trip home. Winnipeg remains a gold-mine of vintage signs, bad puns, and other weird and wonderful visual signage. Ellice and Notre Dame are especially good, and I've vowed to keep documenting them while they last (many are for old businesses that are probably on the brink of closing).

Special thanks to my Winnipeg hosts, Andrew and Candida, who most generously lent me their digital camera after I forgot mine at home (*%@**#&!!).

Under the category of RULES:

OKAY! At the Playland Arcade, Winnipeg Beach.

Translation: Piss the night away in our outhouses! Winnipeg Beach.

I much prefer diving into a giant bowl of dry concrete myself.
Gertrude at Osborne, behind the old "Dutch Maid" antiques shop (best in the city).

Self-righteous weekend day-tripping cyclists beware! In Wolseley.

Aww. Value Village.

SIGNS that make you say "huh?"

Alien abduction area. Gimli, MB

Part of this car dealer's schtick is claiming "they cut the mustard".
Cam Clarke Ford dealership on Main Street around North Kildonan, Wpg.

On Sherbrook near Westminster.

...and it starts with dumpster diving!
Back lane near Langside and Westminster.

Cute / Bad:

I would like to amass a collection of bad pun signs. Hair salons are notorious for these. Winnipeg Beach.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are businesses that can't be bothered to come up with any uniquely identifying name at all. Main Street, Gimli

Entrance to the former St. Charles Hotel, on Notre Dame at Albert St.

Self-loathing ninja dragon spray-paints claws / douses feet with perfume (?).
Gertrude and Osborne.

Tasty links:

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gregory said...

very high quality flotsam indeed.

Don said...

Enjoyable photography and read.