Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sin Jan's Newfnlan!

Spurred on by those other-worldly TV and print ads from the Newfoundland and Labrador tourism bureau, I recently realized my dream of visiting St. John's, thanks to landing a show at Eastern Edge Gallery.

While not installing my work at the gallery, I was able to roam the streets in search of the things that St. John's is known for: namely pubs and fish n' chips.

First order of business: The Duke of Duckworth pub. When you order the fish n' chips and they ask you "d'you want dressing n' sauce widdat?" just wipe the drool off your chin and nod hungrily. Who knew stuffing and gravy could catapult regular old fish n' chips into the stratosphere of greasy fried goodness?

The Duke of Duckworth is now most famously known as a regular setting in the CBC show Republic of Doyle, which I watched for the first time while I was there. It's OK.

Just around the corner from Hill O'Chips is Sappho's Café on Duckworth. Try their fish cakes.
Café photo courtesy of Loutron Glouton, Flickr, CC (credit where credit is due now, folks).

View of the Harbour and Signal Hill from The Rooms. I will not get into what an architectural mess that building is, but I will say that the decision to include this wonderful oasis from the rest the museum was an excellent move. The view is spectac.

Typical downtown St. John's housing with its flashy colours. Love it.
You can't quite tell from the photo, but the hills are killer. People there have thighs of steel.

For the record, it's Fred's. I bought Neil Young' latest, Le Noise, as well as a 5-record box-set of The Nashville Sound from the 1960s.

Being from the Prairies, the ocean is a foreign and frightful concept to me, altho interestingly, also strangely familiar at the same time. I was thrilled to bits to be driven out to Cape Spear, North America's eastern-most point. Thrills, chills and potential spills await!

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