Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa's Village

While in Moncton this past summer, we stopped in at Carson's Flea Market, where I found a bunch of odd-ball postcards from the 1960's from Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire ("Live Free or Die" indeed). Since the Christmas season (which now seems to start the week before Hallowe'en) is such an oppressive capitalistic enterprise, I am irresistibly drawn to anything that resists or subverts it.
See this post from November 2009 for more on that.

All tarted up for the tourists.

I love that expanse of bright blue sky above Santa's helicopter. How it suggests escape.
The dramatic angle of the helicopter blade as it pulls him toward freedom.
The friendly wave that belies his desperate urge to get the --- out of that itchy beard and suit 'cause it's 90 degrees already.
Fly Santa! Fly!

I guess the whole North Pole theme doesn't get you very far when planning amusement parks. Bring in the whale!

"Christmas is Santa's birthday, children."

Only now can we understand this as a foreshadowing of Global warming in the far North.

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eddierapide said...

An igloo?? :D