Wednesday, January 04, 2012

What is it? #2

Likely a kitchen utensil. Flat as a tennis racket. Total length approx. 11 inches. Rounded wires so not something you'd use to push a cooked spud through to make fries. Suggests scooping and straining, altho its flatness would make scooping difficult. The name WIRAX suggests a rack of some kind. Maybe something you'd lie over a source of heat to toast. Made in England, probably mid-20th c.



eddierapide said...

A butt paddle, perhaps?

Spidercake said...

I have one, purchased in Bismarck, North Dakota about 10 years ago. It is, perhaps, my favorite kitchen utensil. I use it for lifting dainty fishes from the frying pan, straining smallish pots of boiled foodstuffs, and beating the odd egg. If I could find more of these, I would bestow one upon each of my dearest epicurean acquaintances.

cultural flotsam said...

Thanks for that. I like the idea of beating an egg with it.
Further research has revealed some connection to fish-frying, so I believe the mystery may be solved.